Artwork Specifications


Art Preparations and Requirements:

CDR (Corel Draw X3 or below), EPS (Illustrator 9 or below), AI (Illustrator 9 or below)

PSD (Photoshop 6 or below), TIF, JPEG- no lower than 300 DPI (600 dpi peferred)

We work in a PC enviroment and prefer formats in the following order:
.cdr, .eps, .ai, .tif, .jpg

  • File name should be 8 letters or less (plus extension)
  • Fonts: all fonts are to be converted to curves/outlines/paths (vector form). Any fonts smaller than 9 points may not be legible.
  • Art can be also accepted as black and white camera ready artwork for logos and any text desired. Camera ready artwork is black and white Photostats. PMT's or laser prints (600 DPI).
  • Art files should be e-mailed to your professional product distributor or with there authorization e-mailed to clearimage@mindspring.com. E-mail transmissions need to specify distributors name, PO # and file names with extensions. Artwork being submitted electronically should also have reference artwork (pdf, jpg or black and white prints for backup purposes and proper reference).


Silk Screening

Art Preparation for Screen Printing:

  • Each specific color must have a PMS color selected (Pantone Matching System) or specify one of our stock colors.
  • Multiple Colors must be color separated.
  • Halftones (65 Ipi output) the range 86% gray to 99% gray close up, index 5% gray it will disappear.


Art Preparation

Art Preperation For Laser:

  • Lasers a gray scale range 10% to 30% with an output equivalent to 45 Ipi. After 30% gray the laser will produce a pure white image in clear acrylic. (Opitonal: Print diagonal line halftone at a 45 degree angle at 38 Ipi.)
  • Negative areas with white copy and interior fine lines must be thickened. Also use caution on negative photograph artwork.




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