General Information

Embedments: The Factory is not responsible for customer supplied items that do not embed satisfactory. Every attempt will be made for acceptable embedments, but all items are at some risk. The embedment process involves a combination of heat, pressure, and solvency. These factors can affect many items, particularly plastics (can cause warpage or bubbling), rubber (bleeds) organic materials (can cloud or discolor), painted items (can peel, wrinkle, or bleed) and pieces of metal (can split or crack the Lucite, exposure to cold also cause metals to crack). Factory testing will be performed before acceptance order.


When Ordering: Send an exact drawing showing details of layout including length, width and depth of embedment and placement of the items within it. Please repeat this procedure on reorders. The Factory will not accept orders that state same as before. All orders, changes in orders, or required delivery dates given by telephone must be confirmed in writing with a P.O. Number. The Factory will not accept responsibility for correctness of imprint, changes or delivery dates without written confirmation.


Testing: As indicated previously, customer provided items require testing. Please send 5%-10% more of the quantity you require back. Over-runs and under-runs of 5% will be considered a complete order.


Pricing: Pricing does not include embedment or printing. Up to two embedments on one level are included in price. For multi levels or more than 2 embedments check with factory price quotes. Additional charges will be added to cover extra costs as listed:

1 day casting service - 50%        3-4 day casting service - 20%

2 day casting service - 30%        5-7 day casting service - 15%

Terms: The First order requires a 50% deposit and balance will be sent C.O.D. The Second order will be sent 50% C.O.D. with balance due in 20 days. If accounts are beyond 30 days overdue the next order will be sent C.O.D. including overdue balance. Returned checks will be charged $35.00.

Customer Supplied Items: 
The manufacturer will NOT accept any responsibility for the end result of furnished items after the embedment process. Due to chemical and heat reactions involved one of a kind and value objects are not recommended and will be embedded at customers risk and expense only after the factory receives a written release. 


Liability: All orders are subject to approval by factory and are not binding until accepted. The Factory reserves the right to refuse an order at any time. All orders are subject to availability of materials and parts, the factory shall not be held liable for the inability to ship any order due to materials and parts shortage.


Return Policy: To obtain a return authorization the factory must be notified of any problems pertaining to the order within ten (10) working days of receipt of order. We will not accept any unauthorized returns.


Artwork: All artwork should be camera ready and color separated. If not, additional time and charges will be added at $60 per hour, minimum one hour. All factory generated art work must be approved by the customer at their expense. Photocopies and/or faxes are not acceptable artwork. Do not use paperclips, staples, or tape on artwork.


Paper Proof: You will automatically receive a faxed paper proof of your order. Orders remain on hold until a signed confirmation is recieved.


Trademark Usage: All copies or other materials submitted by the customer for use by the factory in producing the items ordered will be accepted by the factory as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, copyright, ect. Copies and trademarks illustrated in the accompanying catalog are used to demonstrate product imprinting. This does not imply endorsement by any company of our products. The logos pictured are the property of their respective companies.




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